A rustic home design adds the appeal of the past, with an emphasis on metals, woods, and antique designs. When you hire professionals for a window replacement in your home, you have the opportunity to add rustic designs and themes. These rustic designs are simple, elegant, and can reflect other decorations that you have in the home.

The following five add-ons can be installed with any new window replacement and customized to your needs.

Window Grills

Modern window grills are used for security purposes, but rustic grill designs offer design appeal and a number of different patterns. Instead of just having an open window, grills can disperse the light, add privacy, and create a rustic look.

A variety of grill patterns include a cross pattern, curved patterns, or symmetrical spaced designs. These designs can be placed in a number of different window shapes. The grill designs are usually crafted in a composite wood used to match the frame of the window, but they can also be crafted using painted steel.

Window Hardware

Every piece of hardware on your new windows can be customized to fit a rustic theme. This allows the whole window to look uniform with other choices and decorations in your home.

  • Window Latches: Add a rustic brass latch to the window that features curved designs and worn metal finish.
  • Window Locks: Locks can be customized to feature ornamental decorations and rustic designs like a flower.
  • Window Cranks: Small window cranks can feature engraved handles and a number of rustic finishes or colors.

Interior Finishes

When new windows are installed, you have the option of getting a whole new frame and finish on the interior of the home. Instead of keeping your old interior, new designs can be upgraded to showcase a rustic appeal. The best option for this is usually simple window frames. Natural wood colors like oak or cherry give off a rustic feeling while adding a lighter feel to the room.

Along with the design aspects, new interior finishes are also mostly maintenance free. Frames with a wood design require no new paint jobs and they will not fade over time. A simple dusting keeps the frames looking new again.

Curtain Hooks & Medallions

Instead of a modern curtain rod, window professionals can help you install new window dressing hardware that has a rustic appeal. Curtain hooks feature intricate designs that come in a variety of patterns and finished. Open hole curtains are easily hung on the hooks and can help expand the design elements of a room.

Curtain and drapery medallions are another unique rustic design element. Each window features a collection of medallions that the draperies are hung from. Each medallion is a large circle that sticks out from the wall using a cylinder-shaped connection piece. A medallion decoration can feature all types of designs like flowers, patterns, or engraved images like farm animals. A lot of the designs feature a metal finish, but you can also find rustic wooden medallions that are etched with designs.

Window Decorations

Once the windows are completely installed, the final step to your rustic decoration process is adding some window decorations. A variety of simple decorations can help fill a window and add a unique touch.

  • Sun Catchers: Stained glass window decorations offer a classic appeal and are available in a variety of sun catcher designs including farm animals, insects, and flowers.
  • Rustic Signs: Add simple and rustic signs to your windows. This can include prayers, popular sayings, or a personalized sign that introduces your family.
  • Window Ledge Decorations: Add small rustic statues and collectibles to the ledge of a window. This includes salt & pepper shakers, rustic snow globes, or statues of animals.

Take your time in choosing these decorations. Often a window installation company will have a selection of products to choose from.