As a homeowner, you are most likely familiar with the overwhelming number of tasks to maintain the value and appeal of your house. From replacing roofing shingles and staining a deck to trimming shrubs, the stressful nature of home ownership is easy to see. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough energy on cleaning your new windows. Considering installing new windows on your home offers an estimated 85 percent return on investment, ensuring they are clean and in good condition is imperative. Using these simple solutions to wash your windows and frames, you can easily protect your investment.

Glass Window Cleaner

Visit your local home improvement store and you will see a large selection of sprays designed for cleaning glass. While effective, creating a natural solution with items you already have on hand will save you time and money. In a spray bottle, combine the following ingredients:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 3 cups of white vinegar

Shake the bottle to mix. Spray the solution on one section of glass at a time. Allow the vinegar solution to soak the glass before using a handheld squeegee tool to wipe away the excess liquid. Dry the rubber squeegee blade off with a clean paper towel or microfiber cloth. Then, spray another section of window glass, using the squeegee tool to remove the excess cleaning solution and dirt. Repeat on each window.

Streaking is a common problem that may occur when washing your windows, but utilizing a few unique cleaning techniques can reduce the unappealing streaks.

Add 3 cups of hot water and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Spray onto streaky glass panes. Allow to soak for a few minutes before using your squeegee tool to remove the excess. Remember to wipe the rubber squeegee blade dry after each window.

Washing your windows using a few sheets of balled-up newspapers can also reduce the glass streaking.

Simple, Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

Hand-washing using a squeegee tool, paper towels, or newspapers can be time-consuming. Thankfully, your new windows can be clean and free of steaks in a short period of time.  In an outdoor pump sprayer, combine the following ingredients:

  • 2 gallons of hot water
  • 4 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol
  • ¼ cup of ammonia
  • ¼ cup of powdered dishwasher detergent
  • ½ bottle of dishwasher rinse aid

Shake the sprayer container to mix the ingredients. Pump the sprayer handle a few times to create pressure in the nozzle before dousing your windows. Allow the solution to soak the glass for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, use a long-handled cleaning rod with a microfiber pad to wipe down each glass pane.

Window Frame Cleaner

After cleaning your glass windowpanes, you should focus on the frames. Before getting started, determine your frame material. Vinyl is the most common frame material used in homes today. Not only is it the most affordable, but it is also energy efficient. In addition, vinyl window frames are easy to clean.

Use a simple baking soda solution to wash your vinyl frames. Add the following to a bucket:

  • 3 gallons of hot water
  • 1 ½ cup of baking soda

Mix before soaking a sponge into the solution. Wring out the excess liquid before washing each window frame. Use the scouring side of your sponge to remove stubborn patches of dirt, bird droppings, dead insects, pollen, and other debris. Wipe each frame clean using a damp rag.

Your windows are an important part of your home's appeal, function, and value. Using these simple solutions for cleaning your windows, you can protect your investment without a great deal of time or stress. If you don't have the time or energy to clean your own windows, you can always consider hiring a home window washing company to do the work for you.