Whether you're doing a major bathroom remodel, or you have just moved into a new house and are looking to do a bit of customizing, you'll be faced with some major design choices. One of these is the shower door that will feature in your bathroom; what you ultimately decide on can make or break the space. So take a look below at some options you'll have as a homeowner, and how to locate one that might suit your bathroom best.

Space is at a Premium

If your bathroom is a small one, don't worry -- there's a shower door to fit even the most cramped space. The most popular type of door for smaller bathrooms is the sliding door, which moves along tracks positioned at the top and bottom of the shower. There is sometimes one standalone panel, though more often than not, both panels can be positioned independently. If you're looking to maximize space, a sliding shower door might be right up your alley.

Stability is Most Important

For all the space they save, sliding doors can sometimes feel a bit flimsy. That's why many people opt for a different type of door if they have a bit of space to work with. Perhaps the most popular alternative is the pivot door, which usually consists of a double panel, with one part being set in place and the other able to swing inward or outward depending on the constraints of the bathroom. The door handle on a pivot door can also act as a natural handhold while walking into what might be a wet and slippery shower space. If it's sturdiness you're after, you can do much worse than a solid pivot door.

Privacy is a Priority

How you enter the shower is not always the top priority for many homeowners. If you are one of them and your focus is on privacy instead, then you will want to take a look at the various stylistic options available for shower doors, both sliding and pivot. For example, you can achieve a maximum of privacy by opting for frosted glass instead of clear glass. The opaque quality of frosted glass will still allow you to tell if somebody is in the shower without being too revealing. While frosted glass may cost you more upfront, it's a truly worthwhile investment if you place a premium on privacy in your bathroom.