Plantation shutter are a great alternative to window shades or blinds. They can be used in combination with blinds because plantation shutters add style to your window interiors. However, you need to make sure you choose the right type of shutters for your home. Wooden shutters are the most popular, but they do require a little more maintenance. Faux wood shutters are a great alternative for those who want a lower-maintenance product. Real and faux wood shutters are similarly priced. The main differences between the two are the maintenance requirements and style. This article explains the key differences between real and faux wood plantation shutters.

Real Wood Shutters

Many people prefer real wood shutters if only because real wood is deemed to be more stylish than faux wood. Some people think that if they want the look of wooden shutters, there is no point in buying a faux product. Why no just go for the real thing? In reality, the material choice is less consequential if you are just going to choose a solid paint color. That is, faux wood and real wood might be hard to differentiate if they are both painted with the same paint color.

Some faux woods have a slightly shinier finish than real wood, but it can hard to tell the difference if you aren't looking for it. However, if you want the look of raw wood, with a clear or tinted stain, real wood will look much better. There are faux wood products with printed finishes, but they don't look nearly as authentic as the real thing. It is also important to point out that real wood can be refinished over the years. You can repaint or stain it whenever you want to change your window style.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters are definitely great for people who don't want to worry about any maintenance. As long as you regularly dust your shutters, you shouldn't have any issues. With faux wood you don't need to worry about termite or moisture damage. If your windows and the casing is also faux wood, you should definitely install faux wood shutters as well. The slight difference in texture and sheen between real and fake wood take away from the cohesion of your overall window look.

Whether you choose real or faux wood, both can add style and value to your interior. Plantation shutters are loved because they are stylish and functional. Click here for information about window shades that will suit your home.