When it comes to interior window treatments, plantation shutters are very popular. They are stylish and ornamental, yet highly functional at the same time. They have a sense of permanence that you don't get with drapes or blinds. Many people love plantation shutters because they match with the window casing and create cohesion between the rest of the trim on the interior. That is, the crown molding, baseboard, window frames, and door fixtures can have the same miter and design as the plantation shutters. But, what material works best for plantation shutters? This article explains the most important differences between wood and vinyl.

Wooden Shutters

Most people probably think of wood when it comes to plantation shutters. It is definitely the traditional choice that has been around for much longer. Wood is a great shutter material because is hearty and durable. It also seems to be the obvious choice because the majority of your trim is probably made out wood.

Of course, wood does require a little bit of maintenance. Interior shutters won't need that much maintenance, but they can get worn down in several ways. First of all, if they are constantly being touched, especially by dirty hands, the paint finish can fade and wear off, exposing the wood. Usually, just a few parts of the shutter will wear down quicker than others. To prevent severe wear in the contact area, you need to clean it regularly. Just wiping it down with a moist rag works best.

Wooden shutters can also fade unevenly. The side exposed to the sun will fade faster than the inside. Eventually, you will need to repaint or restain your shutters to restore even coloring. Refinishing shutters is a little tricky because the space between the individual louvers is narrow and hard to reach.

Vinyl Shutters

For those who are worried about the longterm maintenance of wooden shutters, vinyl is a great alternative. It doesn't ever need to be painted because it is waterproof and the surface is more fade resistant. Vinyl is much easier to clean because you don't need to worry about water damage.

The main drawback to vinyl shutters is that they might not perfectly the match the rest of your interior trim. Even if they are the same color and style, the texture and sheen of vinyl might make it look different from the wooden elements around it.

Wood and vinyl are both great choices, so you should make your decision based on the style and maintenance needs. Contact companies like Snyders Shades & Shutters for more assistance.