There are very few home remodels as impactful as installing new windows. A new window will automatically change the functionality, energy efficiency, and style of the inside and outside of that fixture. Window experts will often tell you it is just like getting two remodels for the price of one. Of course, the price of window replacement can be very costly. Most people don't want to deal with too much longterm maintenance after their windows and blinds are installed. This article specifically compares several of the most popular window and blind materials, in relationship to their maintenance requirements.

Wooden Window Maintenance

Wooden window frames have long been used in window construction. Old wooden windows were 100% made out of wood, besides the glass paint. Most modern wooden windows have a metal for vinyl frame, and then the wood is attached to the outside. The frames aren't visible, and the wood is still exposed to the elements, so it needs maintenance. Having synthetic frames means that the windows, especially if they are movable, will be more reliable and easy to operate. That being said, the wood still needs to be waterproof, especially on the outside of the fixture, to fight against fading, water damage, and warping. Wood is definitely not the lowest maintenance choice, but the longterm upkeep is not that demanding. Every few years a wooden window needs to be resealed to prevent moisture from damaging the wood.

Vinyl Window Maintenance

Vinyl windows are pretty much zero maintenance products. They are perfectly waterproof and don't need any sort of paint or sealant. Most people love the fact that they can just clean their vinyl sashes with the same liquid they use to clean their glass. Vinyl is not susceptible to warping or water damaged, so there are very few things that could go wrong with it. That being said, vinyl colors can fade over time, and some people don't like that they look like plastic.

Vinyl is definitely going to be the lower maintenance choice, but some people will still prefer wood blinds because of the way that it looks. You should see the vinyl products in person so you can determine whether or not you like the style. Either product will probably be a marked improvement on your existing windows when it comes to energy efficiency. However, you want to make sure you have the material that is most suitable to your style and budget. Contact a company, like Lorraine's Window Coverings, for more help.