Just about any window, no matter what it is made out of or what insulation rating it has, is going to become less effective over time. That is, windows are bound to lose their energy efficiency to some degree over the years. This can be caused by everyday usage and exposure to the elements. There are a few ways you can make your windows more efficient for very cheap. This article looks at window films and explains why they might be a great solution. It also explains how to best install them.

Tinted and Clear Films

Most people think about tinted windows when they think of windows of films. In reality, there are a variety of window films, and not all of them are tinted. This means that window films are great in both hot and cold climates. Of course, if you live somewhere sunny, you will want a tinted film. However, homeowners in cold climates can also benefit by reducing heat loss with clear films. You can install both interior and exterior films on the same window.

Self Installation

The biggest perk of window films is that they are cheap and easy to install. Most people install them themselves with tools they already own. The biggest drawback is that they can reduce clarity, and make your window look a little blurry. On top of that, tinted films can block light, which some people don't like because it makes their rooms darker.

Installing window films is simple and doesn't require any special tools. In fact, most window films come in packages that include everything you need, besides a utility knife, to install the film. The process is simple. First, you clean your glass panes as well as possible. Then, you coat the glass with the provided liquid adhesive. This is basically the consistency of water, so it isn't a thick glue. Once the entire piece of glass is wet, you plaster the film onto it and use the provided squeegee to wipe it down. Your goal is to wipe away any air bubbles and make sure the edges are tight.

When you get the edges down well, you can use the utility knife to cut them right along the sash. After you cut, use the squeegee again to further press down the edges. Just like that, your window will have a protective film layer that will give it better insulation.

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