Living in a coastal area often means that you are surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature. Many coastal homes are equipped with large patio doors that allow for a full panoramic view to help blend indoor and outdoor living. Unfortunately, these patio doors can become a hazard when hurricane season rolls around.

Upgrading your patio doors before the upcoming hurricane season will ensure that your coastal home is prepared to withstand the fiercest storms Mother Nature can muster.

Look for a sturdy frame.

The first thing you should look for when upgrading your patio doors is a product that is equipped with a sturdy frame. Your patio doors will be subjected to a lot of moisture during a hurricane, so the frame needs to be impervious to rot.

A frame that is made from durable fiberglass or vinyl will repel water. Heavy-duty structural supports can be hidden behind a fiberglass or vinyl frame to help bolster your patio doors and provide additional structural stability without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home.

Select the right glass.

Most of the patio doors in coastal homes are equipped with large panes of glass that allow for an unrestricted view of the shore. These windows can be a benefit during mild weather, but they can become a serious safety hazard during a hurricane. High winds can turn ordinary objects into projectiles, and your patio doors must be capable of withstanding a direct impact.

Tempered glass is your best option, and tempered glass panes can be reinforced with a laminate coating to provide additional protection. Having the right glass in your patio doors will protect your home against serious hurricane damage.

Consider built-in shutters.

Hurricane shutters can provide an added layer of protection against wind and debris during a major storm. If your new patio doors will have a lot of glass, then you should consider investing in a product with built-in shutters.

These shutters can be closed tightly when a storm is approaching, then safely stowed away in storage when their protection is no longer required. Built-in shutters are made to the exact specifications of your patio doors, ensuring maximum beauty and protection against storm damage.

Having the right patio doors installed in your home is critical if you live in a coastal area. Patio doors with a durable frame, reinforced glass panes, and built-in shutters will help you protect your property during hurricane season.