Your windows may be a lot more versatile than you ever thought they could be. They can be added to in a way that helps give your home a more decorative appearance, they can be upgraded to help with your home's heating and cooling, they can be decorated in a way that helps them to become part of your home's seasonal holiday decorations, and they can even be upgraded to add more to your home's security. Here are some of the different options you have with regards to your windows:

You can add shutters to your windows – If your home has a flat appearance to it from the outside and you would like to add some dimension to it, you can have shutters installed to the windows. You can go with purely decorative shutters or ones that open and close so you can also use them functionally.

You can have double-paned windows put in – If you find that you have a hard time keeping your home comfortable without your HVAC system raising your power bills more than you would like, then you can also have single-paned windows swapped out for double-paned ones to help keep the comfortable air inside and prevent the outside temps from sneaking in through the glass. Double-paned windows also give you the added protection of knowing there is that extra piece of glass there, so if one window does break, you will still have another in place until you are able to have someone come out to replace the broken one for you.

You can paint your windows – If you are a person who likes to have a great time really decorating your house for the holidays, then don't forget all of the fun you can have with the windows. Not only can you hang decorative light strings on them, but you can also stick festive window stickers on them and paint them for the holiday. There is even snow in a can that you can use to give the appearance of snow on your windows for winter holidays.

You can put film on your windows for added privacy – If you like the idea of being able to keep your blinds open at night without everyone being able to see right into your home, then you can have a reflective tint or a dark-shaded tint put on them that allows you to enjoy your lit-up house and open blinds while knowing that people can't stare right in at you when they are going past the house.

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