There are numerous reasons why you may have a broken window: a child could have hit a baseball at the window, a burglar may have broken it trying to break in, or a flying rock could have hit it. If you find that your window is broken, it is highly recommended that you look for a company that offers same-day broken window replacement services. However, you may find yourself wondering if this is really necessary and whether you can wait to have the work done later. Here are a few of the reasons why same-day replacement is recommended. 

It Secures Your Home From Intruders

If you have a broken window, it makes it easier for an intruder to break in. The window is already busted, which may allow them to unlock the window and slide in, or to climb through the broken window themselves. When you replace the window the same day it is broken, you are securing your house against burglary and theft. 

It Keeps Pests Out

Pests can fit through small cracks and holes in your home. If you have a cracked, chipped, or broken window, it can become a wide open door for pests to fly or crawl through and enter your space. Unfortunately, all it takes is a few bugs making your home their home, and you can have an infestation in no time at all. When you have a broken window, place cardboard or wood over the outside of the window to prevent pests from entering and then replace the window as soon as possible. 

It Keeps Water Out

Water can also enter your home through a broken window. If it is raining outside or if your sprinklers come on, that water can get into your house through the broken window. Unfortunately, this can cause water damage to the framework that holds the window in place, leading to rotting and warping -- not to mention potentially damaging flooring and furniture inside your home. Having the window replaced the same day helps to keep water out. 

It Controls Your Energy Expenses

The last reason that same-day window replacement is recommended is because your energy expenses can increase if your window is cracked or broken. The air inside of your home that is heated or cooled can escape through a broken window and outdoor air that is either hot or cold can enter, offsetting the chilled or heated air in your home. Replacing the window the same day it is broken helps to ensure your energy bill doesn't skyrocket. 

Having a broken window replaced the day it is broken helps to keep intruders, pests, and water out, while also helping to control your energy expenses. If your window is broken, contact local companies about broken window replacement today to ask about same-day window replacement.