Have you recently had a pool installed in your back yard? If so, you are probably having one of the best summers you've ever had, getting to swim any time you want to. Did you choose to landscape the pool yourself, rather than have the pool company do it? You might have decided that you could save some money by landscaping the pool area yourself, or you might just be a do-it-yourself kind of person, enjoying the fact that you create things rather than have professionals do them. 

No matter the reasons you are landscaping your new swimming pool area, from doing some research to deciding to hire professionals to install glass railings around the pool, here are some ideas that might help you design something unique.

Do Some Research - It might be helpful for you to buy some garden landscaping magazines that include pictures of swimming pool landscaping. Another idea is to visit five-star hotels in your area to get ideas from the way their swimming pools are landscaped. If you feel comfortable taking pictures at those pools, do so. Cut pictures that draw your attention out of the landscaping magazines so that you can pick features that you can later combine.

For example, you might see a picture of a waterfall that you like in one magazine and in another magazine, you might love the way that pots containing flowering plants in them are used as part of the landscaping. Combine those ideas with something you saw at a hotel, say glass railings, and you have come up with a look that you will love for many years.

Install Glass Railings - If you do decide to install glass railings, the installation of the railings will more than likely be part of the package. That might be some of the best money you'll ever spend. Not only will the glass railings be a protective barrier, keeping children and pets out of the pool area when they're not supposed to be there, but the glass railings will look gorgeous, allowing you and others to see the landscaping that you establish.

The glass that is used to make the railings is so strong that it will more than likely withstand severe weather. Glass railings might look very expensive, but you'll probably be surprised that they are more affordable than you expected them to be. The salespeople will be happy to help you decide which railings would be best for your swimming pool area.