Blending outdoor living spaces with your home's interior can seem like a challenge. The right patio doors can help you extend the view within your home to include your landscape. This helps to marry the indoor and outdoor living spaces on your property by providing easy movement between the two areas.

The type of patio door that you opt to install in your home can have a significant impact on the function and aesthetic of your living space. Consider these popular options when upgrading your patio door in the future.

French Doors

Hinged French doors are among the most classic of the patio door designs. A French door is essentially a traditional door that is constructed from glass. An elegant wooden frame adds sophistication and style, while the large glass panels allow for the transfer of light into your home while preserving a view of your yard.

If you want to enjoy a traditional hinged French door but you are limited when it comes to space inside your home, consider a door that swings outward instead. This will eliminate the need to keep an area clear within your home for the patio door to open fully.

Sliding French Doors

For homeowners who like the look of French doors but don't want the hassle of a hinged patio door, sliding French doors could be the answer. These types of patio doors maintain the stately wooden frame and large glass panels that are associated with French doors, but they slide open on a set of tracks rather than relying on hinges to swing inward or outward.

The space-saving design of sliding French doors allows smaller homes to enjoy the beauty and elegance of traditional French doors when creating an access point between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Contemporary Sliding Doors

Not every homeowner is looking to create a traditional look within their home. If you value modern styling and contemporary design, then a contemporary sliding door might be the best option for your patio access point.

Contemporary doors function in much the same way as sliding French doors. They slide along a set of tracks to open and close. The primary difference is in the design of the frame. Where French doors have a stylish wooden frame that acts as a design feature, contemporary sliding doors feature a minimal frame. This maximizes the glass area of the door and creates a more expansive view of outdoor living areas.

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