Your front door is an important focal point of the facade of your home. You need to make the right choice when you're replacing your front door to make sure that your home continues to look great.

You also need to choose a replacement entryway door that functions conveniently and has reasonable maintenance requirements. 

Here are six things you need to remember when you're choosing a replacement entryway door to find the best option for your needs.

The budget you've set

Different entryway doors that are available will vary widely in terms of price. You should determine how much you want to pay before you start shopping for the right door for your needs.

In evaluating your budget, you need to factor in things like what the initial costs are going to be in comparison with the long-term durability and longevity of your door. 

The appearance of the rest of your home's facade

Aesthetics are an important consideration when choosing a new entryway door. Because your entryway door is going to be so prominent in your facade, you need to choose a door that looks right and matches up well with the rest of your home's exterior.

Consider your home's style and color scheme in finding the right door aesthetically. 

The material considerations

Some of the possible materials for your entryway door are wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and vinyl. Which door material is best for you depends on factors like your climate, budget, and appearance desires. 

Another consideration is durability. The most durable entryway doors are constructed from wood and steel, but less expensive material options include vinyl and fiberglass. 

The maintenance needs

You'll probably need to maintain your entryway door through the years to keep up its appearance and maximize its lifespan. 

Some types of door—such as steel doors—are maintenance free for the most part. However, wood and aluminum doors will require some maintenance. 

Wood doors will need to be periodically repainted. Fiberglass doors will need to be cleaned periodically to keep up their appearance. With any door material, you are going to need to lubricate hinges over time to ensure smooth and quiet movement of the door.

The size of your entryway

Before you start shopping for your new door, you need to take measurements of your entryway and existing door. This is especially important when you're using a pre-hung door that will need to fit in place properly. 

If replacing you door is done along with an overall renovation including replacing the existing door jamb, you could consider resizing your door. 

The energy efficiency offered

Investing in an energy-efficient door that offers great insulation capabilities is a good idea. Energy-efficient doors are insulated and include weatherstripping that won't allow conditioned air to escape the home easily through gaps between the door and door jamb. 

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