If you are trying to decide which window treatment is better for your child's nursery, consider window tinting. While colorful curtains are useful and attractive in some rooms, they might not be the best approach for your child's nursery. Window tinting works better in a child's nursery for various reasons.

1. Window Tinting is Dust-Free

When your baby or toddler is sleeping soundly in their nursery, you want their environment to be dust-free. Unfortunately, curtains attract dust. This means they trap both the dust that gathers inside your home, including pet dander and human skin cells, and the dust that comes in from the outside, like pollen and other pollutants.

This can be bad for your child's health, especially if they already have breathing issues. Window tinting does not attract dust, nor is there anywhere for the dust to gather on window tinting. This will help to ensure that your baby isn't breathing in any dust as they sleep or play in their nursery.

2. Curtains Can Be Dangerous

Babies and toddlers alike enjoy nothing more than roaming wherever they can, pulling at whatever they can get their hands on in the process. This makes curtains dangerous, as babies and toddlers can pull them down on top of themselves.

With window tinting, there is no risk that your child will be able to reach up and pull it down.  

3. Window Tinting Is Easier to Maintain

To maintain a window with tinted window film is a simple matter. All you need to do is wash your window down with soapy water once or twice a week. This is useful if you are a busy mom. But if you have curtains in your child's nursery, you'll need to ensure that you put them in the washer at least twice a month, or more if your child suffers from dust allergies.

4. Curtains Attract Mold and Dust Mites

Curtains can also harbor mold and dust mites, both of which can trigger allergic reactions in babies and toddlers. This is why window tinting is a much better option. Your child will be able to play and sleep without suffering from allergic reactions to dust spores and dust mites. And if allergic rhinitis or asthma runs in the family, window tinting is the obvious choice for your child's nursery.

As you can see, window tinting is ideal for a nursery. If you are expecting a baby or looking to improve on your child's current window treatment, consider choosing window tinting over curtains or drapes.

For more information about residential window tinting, contact a local tinting professional.