While aluminum replacement windows will not be the right option for every home or every homeowner, these windows do offer a great variety of benefits that make them the ideal choice for many people. To determine whether or not these windows are also right for your needs, you may wish to take a few minutes to consider both the pros and cons outlined below.

The Pros of Choosing Aluminum Replacement Windows

  1. Sleek Sight Lines — Aluminum windows are able to provide the strength you need without the need for bulky frames. This means that less of your view will be obstructed by your window frames. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who have chosen their homes at least in part for the great views that they have to offer. 
  2. Low-Maintenance — Aluminum replacement windows do not require much maintenance in order to keep them looking and functioning great over their lifetime. In fact, a simple cleaning is usually all these windows will require.
  3. Flexible Material — Aluminum is quite a bit more flexible than wood or fiberglass. Consequently, this building material is ideal for windows that are oddly shaped.
  4. Cost-Efficient — Aluminum replacement windows are among the most affordable options you will have to choose from. In fact, the only option that tends to be more affordable is vinyl windows.

The Cons Of Choosing Aluminum Replacement Windows

  1. Corrodes In Coastal Areas — While many aluminum windows come with a protective coating to help prevent corrosion, this coating does not hold up well to salt. As a result, aluminum is not typically a good option for individuals who live in coastal areas due to the exposure to sale water.
  2. Poor Insulation — Aluminum does not perform well when it comes to preventing the transfer of heat. While you can improve the insulation offered by these windows through the use of weatherstripping and other products, the use of these products may greatly add to your overall costs. 
  3. Produces Condensation — Due to the poor insulation qualities of aluminum replacement windows, it is not uncommon for condensation or frost to form on the inside of these window frames. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a durable, cost-effective replacement window option that allows you to truly make the most of a spectacular view, aluminum windows are likely the best choice for your needs. However, if your home is located on the beach or if you require high levels of insulation, you may be better off considering alternative options such as vinyl or fiberglass. To discuss all of your options and schedule the installation of your new windows, be sure to reach out to a replacement window professional in your area.