Door frames do not last forever. In years past, people often made them from wood, and wood door frames are particularly prone to rot and deterioration as they age. Thankfully, replacement door frames are widely available at home improvement stores and from window and door replacement companies. But what should you look for in a replacement door frame? Here are some key features to focus on.

Composite Construction

If you live in a historic home, you may want to choose a wood door frame. But in almost any other situation, you are better off looking for a frame made from composite. A composite door frame is made from a combination of wood pulp and plastic materials. Unlike wood, composite will not develop rot. It won't attract insects, and it won't bow and warp as it gets older. As such, a composite door frame will last longer, be more energy-efficient, and be less likely to require repairs than one made from wood. You'll pay a little more for a composite frame than for a wood one, on average, but composite door frames are widely available in a broad price range, so you should be able to find an affordable one.

Low-VOC Finish

Make sure you check how the door frame was finished. When possible, you want to choose a door that has been finished with a low-VOC product. This is important since part of the door frame will be inside your home. You do not want it to give off high levels of volatile organic compounds, which can increase your risk of various ailments ranging from cancer to respiratory illness. Low-VOC products are also better for the environment. As more door manufacturers have become more eco-conscious, it has become easier to find door frames finished with low-VOC products.

A Good Warranty

Most door frames are well made and don't experience any issues. But occasionally, a defective one sneaks through. A good warranty will ensure that if you do get a defective door frame, you can have it replaced without having to pay for it. Some companies offer 2 or 3-year warranties on their door frames, and sometimes you can find even better warranties that last 10 or more years.

As you search for a replacement door frame, make sure you keep your eyes out for the features above. A door frame made from composite with a low-VOC finish and a good warranty is a great choice. Visit websites like to see some replacement door frame options.