When it comes time to replace your old drafty windows with something new and more efficient, you might also have an opportunity to trade a bad window design for a better view. If you have an area of your home with an outside view worth framing, it might be worth replacing a window with moving parts and obstructions for a picture or fixed window that massively enhances the view. Here are a few of the pros and cons of pictures windows.


Energy Efficiency

One benefit of opting for a picture window as a replacement window that you may have not considered is the added energy efficiency you will gain in addition to a better view. Any window that has moving parts has areas that don't have a proper seal. That always means an opportunity for unwanted air to move in and out of the home. With a picture window, you'll have a tight seal around every edge that will massively improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home.

Optimal Lighting

Another additional benefit besides a beautiful view is optimal lighting. Without moving parts as well as sashes, rails, and grilles, there are fewer obstructions to keep out light. A picture window will allow in all the natural light that's available. If you pair your picture window with a low-emissivity film, you can get all the light without the harmful UV rays too.


Without grilles or screens, a picture window makes cleaning simple. All you need is a cloth and some window cleaning solution and the job is done in minutes. You won't have to worry about any moving parts or dirty sills.



How can maintenance belong in both categories? Well, the ease of cleaning that a picture window provides can quickly become difficult if the window is installed on a second or third floor. Without panes accessible from the interior, any cleaning of the exterior will require ladders. 

No Ventilation

Of course, all the benefits that come from a window without moving parts also mean a lack of ventilation. However, when paired with other types of windows in the house with moveable sashes that allow ventilation, a picture window can be a great addition.

Heat Gain

A picture window lets in more light but it can also let in more heat. Adding a low-emissivity or reflective film on your picture window can help improve insulating performance by as much as 92% but for an additional cost.

To find out more about window replacement and how much it might cost, visit local replacement window providers.