Installing window treatments in your home is something that can make a big difference to its appearance. However, there are a lot of other reasons for installing window treatments that you should know about. Here are three things you should know about window treatments.

1: They can help make the home more energy efficient

Window treatments can help your home become more energy efficient because they add extra insulation. This insulation is crucial since the windows can be a part of your home where there is the most temperature loss when trying to keep your home at a certain temperature. 

The outside temperature can penetrate through the glass and work against your HVAC system's efforts to heat or cool the living space. Also, there may be gaps along the windows that create drafts. 

2: They can give you more control over the interior lighting

When you have the treatments installed, you can have ones put up that allow you to have better control over the inside lighting.  If you know you like to block out all natural lighting during certain times, then blackout window treatments or ones that are thick will give you the option to do that. 

However, when you want to let a lot of sunlight in, all you have to do is open them and the sunlight can come right in and light the whole space up during the daytime. This can be great for a number of reasons, and this can include helping you cut down on your lighting costs. 

3:  They help you create the mood you want

Another thing that having window treatments installed in your home can do is to put you more in control of setting the mood throughout the home. Not only do you have the ability to choose treatments that have the whole look you want, but you can have many additional options. 

For example, you may have treatments installed in the bedroom that create a relaxing feeling in the space when they are closed. However, when partially open at night, the room may have a romantic feeling, especially if the right lighting can come in to help provide a certain effect. Then, you can open the treatments a certain amount in the morning to wake all the way up quickly, so you can get up and ready for work on time. Or, you can open them less to wake up more slowly, which may be preferred on the weekend.

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