If you own an apartment complex that features many rental units, you may need to purchase a large number of window blinds. When preparing your new residential complex for occupancy, shop for blind products that will increase privacy and add a stylish element to each rental that you will be advertising.

Window Counts And Style Considerations

Count the windows within the complex, taking note of the size and style of each window. To ensure that the blinds match perfectly, you will need accurate measurements of the windows. You may decide to have someone assist you with installing all of the blinds. Being certain that you have the proper brackets, hardware, and blind materials will support a seamless installation.

Blind products range in design and style. An economical approach will allow you to receive the best deal. Style considerations should involve visually and physically assessing blind products. Some blinds are designed with heavy materials and some may feature lightweight materials. The location of the apartment complex and the type of region that the residential dwelling is featured in may inspire you to choose a heavier or lighter blind product.

The style of a set of blinds should be complementary to the layout of each apartment unit. For instance, if you have decorated the apartments with earthy tones, you may choose to purchase blind sets that are constructed of wood or that are a neutral color.

Safety And Maintenance

If there is the possibility of renting out units to families with young children and pets, you may want to seek the purchase of blind products that do not contain cords. Cords can be tripping threats and choking hazards. Many blind designs feature a handle or drawstring along the side of them. Either accessory will lay flush along the wall. When an end-user prefers to lift the blind so that they can see out of a window, they can manually engage the handle or drawstring. Each of these opening devices will not be within reach of a small child or pet.

If you will be responsible for maintaining the blinds, shop for a product that is advertised as containing a dust reflective property. A blind material that is smooth can be wiped or vacuumed off. The new blinds that you purchase can be paired with curtains, valances, and other treatment products that you would like to adorn the windows with. Use the blind color that you have selected to guide you in choosing complementary window treatment products. 

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